Armchair Imagineering Competition Winner  ///  BRIEF: Theme a generic spinner ride. The theme can be anything you choose. Consider the surrounding area (including queue), think about props, lighting, music and other themed elements.

You have discovered a strange hidden factory. The miners who are stuck in time recruit you to help them. Upon descending via an elevator into a dark underground chasm, you encounter a fearsome looking machine surrounded by blue crystals. Giant spiked wheels tower over you casting a shadow onto the dimly lit walls. Now you will have to make it out with your life and escape the Excavator.
This render was made to better represent what I had envisioned spatially (Above). 
Above are some of the concept images for the buildings for the queue and the top spin itself (Above).
A few stylized images for a queue spaces (Above) and the results video from the competition with feedback (Below).